Q: Why hire a controller on contract?

A: As a small business, any time you can save money helps your bottom line and growth. You need the experience of a seasoned professional but you can do without the salary and benefit costs associated with getting an experienced person. We handle all the tasks you expect from an in-house controller but on a per hour or per contract basis.

Q: What should you expect if you hire us?

A: The first task is always an audit of the current financials. We then work to ensure your starting from a solid square one basis and work with you weekly or monthly or quarterly to give you solid financials. If you want more services, we offer payroll, HR, and tax assistance.

Q: Do you need an accounting staff?

A: We can act as your staff if needed. We charge or per hour or contract rate.

Q: What tax accountants do you recommend?

We recommend any accountant that completes a comprehensive grouping and work papers that we can easily tie back to the financials and will work with us throughout the year to maximize your tax benefits. Some of the tax accountants we work with on a regular basis include:

Loni Winkler – Partner, UHY LLP, 
Managing Director, UHY Advisors

Steve Wisinski – Partner, Shindlerock CPA, MAFF

Cory Lee – CPA, CVA 1st Partner at Andrews Hooper Pavlik PLC

Andrew Loy – CPA, Principal

Experienced. As business accountants and financial controllers, we handle the accounting and controller needs of a range of businesses, including service, manufacturing, non-profit, retailing and wholesaling. We specialize in companies with up to $5 million in gross revenue that want to save money on taxes and improve their company’s financial well being.

Responsive. If for some reason we can’t answer your call, leave a voicemail and we’ll usually get back to you in a matter of minutes. We also take the time to explain accounting and tax jargon. In fact, we encourage clients to ask tough questions, because we’d rather have confident clients than confused ones.

On-site. Not every day, all day, but when it matters, and on an ongoing basis. No matter how technical the world becomes, nothing can take the place of one-on-one human interaction, even when you’re a business accountant working with numbers. We are on-site because that’s how we do the best job as your CPA and controller. If we can take care of business remotely and that works within agreed parameters, we can do that too.

Ongoing. Used to seeing your CPA just once a year? Get ready to see a little more of us, because our controller service is ongoing. It’s the only way we can make the most impact on your financial health.

Modern. We have a wealth and depth of experience assets that we balance out with staying abreast of current changes in the regulations and marketplace. Our processes and continuing education ensure that we are up to date with new rules and regulations.

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