Financial Services

Business Consultant

We are available to model large business decisions such as expansion, incorporation, equity financing and can assist you through these processes. We have a plethora of Tax Accountants, Tax Lawyers and banks we work with daily to ensure our clients get the equity/financing they need or the process is as smooth as possible during these phase transitions.


Small Business Accounting

Don’t want to hire a full time accountant? Hire us on a per hour or per month basis to fulfill your accounting needs.


Fractional CFO/Controller

We handle all needed reporting and overseeing of accounting staff. We also assist with audit completion and work with your audit team to ensure an accurate and efficient audit.

Custom Reporting

Need your system to give you more data in a real time and meaningful way? Need reports for your financial institution or business partners? Let us help craft a solution.

HR Services

Unsure of payroll, benefit or HR compliance? Let us help you and save on the cost of an HR employee.

Tax and Compliance Assistance

We do not file business taxes but work hand in hand with your tax accountants. We do assist with all other tax filings like sales tax, payroll tax, property tax, etc. We also assist with annual business license renewals, 401k plan 5500 annual filings, annual franchise tax filings, secretary of state filings, all 1099 filings, SAM registrations, Indirect Cost Rate submissions, etc.

If you already have a financial accountant or CPA, here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if switching to AP Financial Services adds up:

■ Do you own or control a business that has annual revenues up to $10 million?
■ Do you need monthly/quarterly in-house financial statements?
■ Do you know how to use the financial information you have?
■ Would you like to pay less in taxes?
■ Does your existing financial accountant or CPA only work in his office and never on-site at your business?
■ Is your accountant managing only daily activity? Do they know how to provide you with the more in-depth financial information you need for decision making?
■ Is your existing CPA or tax preparer rigid and only accepts information one way on a certain day?
■ Is your current accountant or CPA unresponsive when you call with questions?
■ If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, then give us a call and let’s see what AP Financial Services can do for your business needs.